I am from a fort under a grand piano
bearing notes of C and E reverbed from the voice of
a little girl long ago,
From a swimming pool of long hours, a TV
and a tape recorder endlessly taping.
I am from a stain glass Christmas house
window hanger, a basement full of a million
dolls, and a computer game of exploration.

I am from the big glorious Christmas trees
that have visited me every year,
From the beautiful tulips in front of my house
and in my drawings.
I am from the endless colors of roses

I am from fondues, pizza and movie Mondays,
tea parties, cheese hotdogs,
cheese and cracker snacks,
fruit snacks, spaghetti, macaroni and cheese,
popsickles, and sweets.

I am from "Hey Pepperoni," and "see yah later Alligator,"
From "Rise and shine Kaylo Baylo,"
and "It's technicality time."
I am from a little girl playing the doggie with Grublet,
animal, or Direwood tree sisters, acting out
Nathaniel The Grublet tape.

I am from the exciting school plays with my class, the jump rope rhymes,
kick ball, trees, and pretend games with my friends.
From "Little Mermaid Go!!!" at swimming class, Wakeena Falls on
independence day (Mommy's Birthday), with my shaky Indian drum,
Multnomah falls restaurant with the stone wall fireplace and the peace and
restful smell of cedarwood in the gift shop,

I am from the smell of cedarwood in my Mommy's bedroom, The vanilla
perfume she wore when we played MYST on the computer and the fresh,
cold, snowy air I love when it snows.
I am from a little girl who liked to dress up, daydream continually and
sing song after song.

I am from a multitude of special memories circling and rotating endlessly
inside me, from a girl who never grew up, and never will!

by Esther Keturah Smith

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