The sudden thoughts of cities
Rising from the graveyard of thinking
Elongating their girded frames
As if they were tombs
Or the shell of a mind
Ever expanding upward

Turn your gaze upon this Jumbilicus
One stretching above the other
But all tied to the pitiful street
Concrete to concrete.

Amaze yourself and your friends
As you tell them of the minds
Trapped within the steel
And the deviation from the greater plan;

Fill their smoky reality
With visions of a great energy
And a magic land that explodes it's bombastic
Ringing upon the open ear
And frightens those who scream fear
From every nervous night window.
Tell them of a destiny that circles
Like this ever-circling globe,
That catches the pulse in shoe step echoes
And vibrates
And trembles
And dances with the startled world.

Tell them of electric stillness
And train scream shuffles
Blending with the screech of rubber
Mating with the pavement
Through the inner pathway
To rubber sliding against the virgin night.
From cell to cell you can feel them
With no respite
Desire burning

Charles Ellworth Smith

From our poetry collection; When the Tree was Green