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Proverbs 27:9

Promises for the Children of Our Hearts

A Code of Friendship (written 1993)

Jesus' Personal Prayer for You

Steps of Faith

The selections below are all PDF documents and might
take a bit longer to load with slower connections.

THE ARTISAN (PDF written in 2010)

God's Healing Love (PDF written in 2010)

The Mind of Christ (PDF written in 2010)

AION (A teaching from 1992 called "Approaching the year 2000"
available in 20 audio sessions with a PDF outline.)

As We See the Day Approaching (2007)

Expect Eden (2005)

Who Will Stand With Me? (2005)

Response to Revival (2005)

The Defining Moment? (2004)

Are You the One? (2003)

Leaving the Oxcart Behind (2003)

The Ground of Ministry (2003) Essay in response to a letter

Worship: Walking With God (2002)

The Shulamites's Reward (2002)

A Call to the Kingdom (1998-2002)

Kingdom Life (1983-2000)

The Kingdom of Grace (1993)

The Gospel of Necessity (1974)

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