This dream was given to me in 1975 and has affected my approach to the church in an ever deepening way.

I was driving with friends in a VW van up a curving mountain road. As we rounded a bend, an astonishing sight confronted our eyes; a church set in the mountain. It was L shaped and appeared like a cathedral.

Out front was a sign :

We parked our car and entered the building. Thousands of empty pews stood before us and the room was empty. As we walked around I spotted a small door ajar at the end of the room. As I approached it, I could hear distant sounds of activity.

Through the door was a spiral staircase going down, down, down. White bricks made up the foundation that was so deep. As we descended the steps, the sound of people having a joyful fellowship increased.

Finally we came to sets of swinging doors. As we stood there, the door opened and a radiant-faced brother emerged with a tray of drinks. Looking at us, he said,

"Here, have a refreshing drink."

This dream taught me that the gifts function in an unseen, unheralded (by the world) fashion. True love and fellowship are in the basement based upon the sacrifice of millions who have gone before over us (white bricks). And the church members are to be a refreshing drink to one another. This can only be done from a place of humility.

Charles E. Smith