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Forgiven/In Memory of Ron Forrest ("Forgiven" was written 1991.
"In Memory" was written in 2005 right after his death.)

The Song or the Technology? (PDF Essay written 2003)

A Nation of Dagwoods? (PDF Essay written 1993, revised 2003)

Family Thanksgiving (Essay written November 1994)

Fan Dance (Essay written July 1993)

Like Foam on a Wave (Essay written June 1993)

The Child is Father (Essay written May 1993)

A Refreshing Drink (Essay written February 1993
This is taken from the collection Dreams and Visions
found in the Mountain Haven.)

Articles and Research

(Reference study written 2008)


Three of our books have been published and are available for purchase or download

Island Avenue (Written 1994) Available at

Where the White Eagle Flies (A Collection of Essays in Three Volumes)

Letters From China (1998-2005) are letters of correspondance between Mary
and an underground Christian Chinese sister, Silan.
The letters have also been published as a book and may be purchased as a paperback or
a PDF download. Available at

A Call to the Ancient Path (Written Nov. 2001) Available at

Upon reading this book, Silan felt compelled to translate it into Chinese.

(A Call to the Ancient Path in Chinese)


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